Unscented Solid Lotion Bar

Unscented Solid Lotion Bar

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Our Lotion Bar’s are made by hand in small, fresh batches with high quality natural ingredients.

We have amazing ingredients like:
Organic Cacao Butter
Shea Butter
Organic Coconut Oil
Avocado Butter
Hemp Seed Oil
Calendula Extract(Calendula Infused in Extra Virgin Olive Oil)
Chamomile Extract(Chamomile infused in Extra Virgin Olive Oil)
Vitamin E
Organic Arrowroot Powder

Best natural moisturizer for dry skin. The Lotion Bar can be used as a body lotion,hand cream or foot cream or even taming fly away hair.

Simply melt this bar between your hands and apply on your skin. It can be used anywhere in the body, It can be used as a hand balm,foot cream or even taming fly away hair. Oils and butters are best absorbed when the skin is damp.

Our solid lotions come in aluminium tin containers. Great alternatives to plastic bottles.

It is vegetarian,not Vegan as it contains beeswax.

Additional benefits (what we leave out of our products)
- NO petroleum based preservatives
- NO synthetics, colours, or emulsifiers
- NO harsh chemicals
- NO alcohols

It weighs 40gr.

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