Stencil Screen Printing

Stencil Screen Printing


18th September

This is a beginner friendly, creative workshop where you will be exploring the process of Stencil Screen Printing, learning some valuable tricks of the trade from Lara who has been enjoying the art of print for the last 15 years.

There will be the opportunity to choose from a range of preprinted designs, but if there is something you would like to try, please choose designs that are silhouette in style and can be cut out in one piece.

All materials are provided for use during the workshop, and we will also cover what equipment you need to make it happen and where they can be sourced for future projects.

Remember to wear comfortable old clothes, covered shoes and bring along a smock or apron, and your imagination!

This workshop will start at 6pm and go till 8pm and refreshments are provided, all our class sizes are small which is better for you, but means you have to get in quick to book:)

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