Round Electric Cable - Fuchsia & Dark Purple Rayon

Round Electric Cable - Fuchsia & Dark Purple Rayon

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The fuschia and dark purple fabric Vertigo braided lighting cable is one of the more playful and colourful design options available on our website. Featuring a fun and hypnotic pattern that's immediately noticeable and memorable. The Vertigo cables collection is a tribute to the original artwork from Alfred Hitchcock's classic thriller.

This top quality and hardwearing fabric covered cable provides a striking, bold HD effect, appearing to be hand painted in its detail. Featuring a mixture of coloured and transparent threads that provides a stunning and enthralling final texture, which is vivid and full of colour. This mesmerising cable will appeal to creative and bold designers out there who are looking to bring some bold colours into their design and make a real statement.

These cables are soft, pliable and durable. All of our cables meet to all British and EU standards.

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Technical Information

  • H03VV 300/300V 2 x 0.75mm2 or 3 x 0.75mm2
  • Flex Round Cable Double Insulation Under Textile Braid
  • CEI 20-20 CEI 20-35 RoHS.
  • Diameter: 6.2mm - 2 x 0.75mm2 or 6.6mm - 3 x 0.75mm2
  • Complies with all UK and European safety regulations
  • Technology and design of Vertigo cables registered by Elexa Cavi. Vertigo cables are exclusively distributed worldwide

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