Pocketful Of Rewards
Pocketful Of Rewards

Pocketful Of Rewards

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It's never a bad thing for kids to have boundaries but with boundaries there also comes exploring the edges of those boundaries and sometimes beyond.

When things go a little too far there's always the temptation to become frustrated and remove privileges and treats as a way of trying to gain some kind of understanding of where the boundaries exist.

Why not reward good behavior instead, instilling and underlining the belief that good things come to those who do good things. There are particular times when frustrations on both sides can reach boiling point, such as school holidays (in particular the vastness of the summer holiday!) and travelling long distances.

This little pouch of rewards has been developed to combat the build up of frustration and exasperation and has the possibly of leading to longer term good behavior. It can also be used to limit things like the habitual requests for treats and can serve to cut down screen time.

When your child clearly demonstrates good behavior, have them put their hand in the pouch and pull out a ribbon which rewards them without conditions attached.

Each pouch contains eight different rewards printed onto the ribbons. They are the same colour so the super smart kids can't work out which ribbon contains their favourite reward.

The rewards in this set are:

15 minutes extra screen time

Ice cream and sprinkles

You get to choose what's for dinner

An extra bed time story

15 minutes extra before bedtime

You get to pick what film to watch

You get out of making your bed

Make a blanket fort

Choose what game the family plays next