Pocketful Of Comforts
Pocketful Of Comforts

Pocketful Of Comforts

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When things get a little too overwhelming, we all need some comfort and reassurance to know that everything will be OK.

This pocketful of comfort has been developed to combat stress caused by anxiety, whether that's the first few weeks of school, at the end of a tough day at work, or when someone's away and you need to let them know that everything will be just fine.

At times, we all need something to ground us and remind us that there are people thinking of us and that they're with you every step of the way. It might just help to untangle the chaotic headspin which anxiety and stress can cause and allow you a moment of calm to regain your perspective.

Inside the drawstring cotton pouch you will find a rainbow of ribbons to brighten your day. There are eight ribbons in total, finished with a natural wooden bead. Reach in the pouch and find a wooden bead, pull to reveal the words of comfort written on each ribbon, take a breath and reset your mind.

This little pocketful of comfort contains eight messages of your choice, here are a few examples to get you thinking:

We're so proud of you, you're amazing

Try your best, we know you can do it

You will get through this, hang in there

Think happy thoughts

Today something good will happen

You have the best smile, use it as often as you can

Believe in yourself, you can totally do this

It's okay to make mistakes