It's Ok To Make Mistakes

It's Ok To Make Mistakes

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Making mistakes is totally okay and part of human nature for all of us, in fact they should be actively encouraged, rather than ridiculed.

Making mistakes can, if experienced in a negative way, have a lasting impact on self esteem and can leave you racked with anxiety. This little pouch of erasers has been designed to counter balance the negative and to try to underline the positive aspects of making mistakes. Whether the pouch is kept on your desk or slung in your bag, or given to your child who's just starting school, it's a timely reminder that we all make mistakes, and thats okay. After all, the best way of learning is from making mistakes, surely?

Each pouch contains 12 pencil top rubbers in lovely vibrant colours, so even when you do make a mistake, there's a little something to smile about.

The cotton drawstring bag is printed with the words 'It's totally okay to make mistakes' and is aprox 15 cm x 9.5 cm in size.

***Please note the pencils are not included.