Ceiling Rose - Rust
Ceiling Rose - Rust

Ceiling Rose - Rust

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Metal ceiling roses with a single outlet are suitable for wall or ceiling lamps with a single light source.
Metal is a durable material adding an interesting finishing touch, whatever the setting. For anything from minimal to Scandinavian, to industrial or classic, you'll find the metallic finish that suits your needs!

This cylindrical metal pendant light rose kit is for those who are:
- looking for a single pendant lamp - with one light bulb
- attracted to a specific metallic finish such as brass or copper

To configure and complement your cylindrical metal ceiling roses:
- use the menus to select the features you want
- watch the tutorial to learn how to mount the ceiling rose

Creative tip:
- Add personality to your single pendant lamp with an unconventional shaped XL light bulb.


More info

Technical specifications metal rose kit
Diameter: 120 mm.
Hole diameter: 10 mm.
Material: metal.
Bracket fasteners.

Technical specifications for round strain relief clamp
Cap size: diameter 13 mm - height 17 mm.
Cap material: plastic / metal.
Threaded tube size: diameter M10x1 - height 15 mm.
Threaded tube material: metal.

Technical specifications for conical cable clamp
Height: 43mm.
Diameter: 14.8 mm.
Material: thermoplastic.

WARNING: the terminal blocks to connect the ceiling rose to the mains power are NOT INCLUDED in the kit, but can be bought separately.

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