Air Plants Tillandsia Xerographica
Air Plants Tillandsia Xerographica

Air Plants Tillandsia Xerographica

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Air Plants are ideal plants for plant lovers with and without green fingers! Every day we carefully select the plants in the nursery, so that we can send you the most beautiful varieties. Our nursery is certificated with MPS and Global-gab. This means that the nursery works sustainable, hygienically and safely.

The Tillandsia Xerographica is a beautiful and relatively large species within the different types of Airplants. It is also called the king of the 'Airplants'. With the gray / silvery colored leaves that form from the heart towards the butt, the Tillandsia Xerographica is very exclusive. 

The Tillandsia Xerographica can be beautifully used in bridal bouquets, mourning work and, for example, can be used well for table decoration. The Xerographica leaves are also very nice to use for decoration, they can be used both dry and wet. In the flowering phase of this plant, a large red and green flower grows from the heart.

Diameter 13-16 cm


 - Spray twice a week with our food spray (in separate listing) in combination with (rain) water.

 - Place the air plants in a light, clear and airy environment

 - Protect the airplant from temperatures below zero

 - Preferably not in full sun, indirect sunlight is best! 

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