Air Plant Tillandsia Usneoides Large - Spanish Moss
Air Plant Tillandsia Usneoides Large - Spanish Moss

Air Plant Tillandsia Usneoides Large - Spanish Moss

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Air Plants are ideal plants for plant lovers with and without green fingers! Every day we carefully select the plants in the nursery, so that we can send you the most beautiful varieties. Our nursery is certificated with MPS and Global-gab. This means that the nursery works sustainable, hygienically and safely.

The Tillandsia Usneoides, also known as Spanish moss, is a plant without roots from the epiphyte family. This air plant has curled grayish and elongated leaves that hang over and on the branches of trees in the wild. The beauty of this species and the distinguishing feature of the other types of Airplants is that it can be spread in the wild or pre-propagated with the help of mother nature. Mainly due to the wind or birds, the Tillandsia Usneoides spreads and then hangs occasionally on other tree branches, where it can then develop further.

The Tillandsia Usneoides is mainly found in tropical areas with high humidity and can sometimes reach a length of 1 to 2 meters under the right conditions!

Originally you encounter this species in the wild from Argentina to the southeastern United States. 


 - Spray twice a week with our food spray (in separate listing) in combination with (rain) water.

 - Place the air plants in a light, clear and airy environment

 - Protect the airplant from temperatures below zero

 - Preferably not in full sun, indirect sunlight is best! 

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