Our Team


Lara Smith – Founder

There’s something magical about buying handmade goods, rather than a factory made object, it also helps our environment, supports our artistic community and improves our local economy.

As a designer I wanted to support other makers and give them a platform to showcase their work, telling the story behind what they do. 

Our makers produce diverse work, demonstrating a commitment to quality and originality, which last and get better with each use.

These unique collections sit alongside carefully sourced home wares and European brands, with the aim to provide gifts that are as much of a pleasure to give as they are to receive. 

Our growing number of customers love that they can always find something different in our shop – pieces that are true one offs, and if you can’t find what you’re looking for, we also provide custom designs.

We hope you enjoy exploring the collections that we design, develop and source with the help of skilled craft-makers from the UK and beyond, and we look forward to hearing from you soon.


Elodie - Creative Team Member

Previously a Personal Shopper working in the City of Bath, I moved to Warwick for love and then went back to art school to specialise in contemporary jewellery.

Being around the work of other makers on a daily basis is inspirational and proves it is possible to make a creative living.

People who are drawn to Smithery are usually those who are creative or are after something unique and special.  We tend to share fun and interesting conversations with our customers, which is one of my favourite parts about working here.



Photo Credit Stacy Grant

Jamie Chalmers - Course Leader

Smithery are pleased  (and very excited) to welcome Jamie Chalmers (more commonly known as Mr X Stitch) as a tutor for embroidery workshops at Smithery.  

Jamie took up Cross Stitching fifteen years ago and has exhibited his design work internationally. Since 2008 the Mr X Stitch website has been a place to showcase the new talent in the world of Textiles and Stitch. Additionally, Jamie has curated a number of stitch-based exhibitions in the UK and Ireland. He has also put his talents into publications curating the book PUSH Stitchery, writing his own guide to Cross Stitch and is the founder of the game-changing XStitch design magazine. He is known as the Kingpin of Contemporary Embroidery, with an established following on Social Media. 

For such a man with his finger on the pulse of innovative ideas in Stitch, the man himself is warm, approachable and a fine and experienced teacher. Jamie’s style is warmly irreverent and intentionally effective.

So sign up to a workshop with the magnificent Mr X Stitch, it’s a real opportunity to learn from a great that is also great fun. 

(Mr X Stitch photo credit - Stacy Grant) 


Marie-Jeanne - Course Leader

Taking inspiration from the creativity of her Mother and Father, growing up Marie-Jeanne was often found at home drawing, cutting, gluing or at the sewing machine making clothes for dolls and later for herself. Her other favourite place was her father’s workshop playing with wood offcuts, hammers, nails and experimenting with tools.

Marie-Jeanne is most happy when engrossed in a creative activity… and when she's happy she wants to create more!  A woman after our own hearts, she is always seeking to learn new skills and so far, her favourites have been drawing, pottery, sewing, calligraphy and her latest is bookbinding. Her brand Syllabubble includes handmade stationary, handmade lifestyle products and leading workshops. Marie-Jeanne has worked with children for a great part of her life as a nursery school teacher, She's collected ideas of activities for very young ones to learn, play and create.