Fill Gift Box - Wash up Liquid & Kitchen Clean
Fill Gift Box - Wash up Liquid & Kitchen Clean

Fill Gift Box - Wash up Liquid & Kitchen Clean

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New to Smithery are our customisable gift sets / starter kits.

Each box uses paper fill that is reusable, recyclable, and biodegradable and jute string with matching hand cut tags, and the boxes flat pack for storage so they can be reused again and again.

You can either choose one of our pre made sets like this one or choose a combination that suits you or the recipient of the gift, just let us know and we can make one up for you.

This set includes the following - plus a bonus denim produce bag!

Fill products are designed to work great, look cool & reduce plastic packaging waste. 

Kitchen Clean comes with free spray top. 

How To Use: Spray onto surface, Leave for 15 seconds, Wipe. For tough marks, leave 5 mins before wiping. Store above 5°c.

Contains amongst other ingredients: Less than 5%: surfactant, glycol ether, fragrance, preservative Less than 30%: alkaline sodium salts More than 30%: aqua

Wash up Liquid comes with free pump top.

Apply sparingly, add 10-15ml to a bowl of washing up, store above 5 degrees C. Contains amongst other ingredients; less than 5%Fragrance/Preservative, less than 30% Surfactant, More than 30% Aqua.


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