Cherry Tree Naturals

It all started with a passion for handmade, non-toxic organic products, organic agriculture, a love for nature, a sustainable & plastic free life style and being creative. 

I have a passion for creative hand made products and have a real love of nature. Three years ago, I made the decision to put my beliefs into action. In a small Warwickshire village, in an even smaller cottage kitchen, Cherry Tree Naturals was born. A space where I lovingly make products that celebrate my beliefs.

I am passionate about spreading the word on using non-toxic organic products and living a sustainable and plastic free lifestyle. 

I started making soap in an ongoing attempt to make healthy and environmentally conscious decisions for myself and my family. As I started becoming more aware of the questionable ingredients used in commercially sold bath & body products, I realised that making my own soap was something I could really get into. Now I love the creative process and I love knowing exactly what goes in to what we use daily.

My Soaps and Solid Lotion Bars are made with vegetarian ingredients. Many of my products are vegan friendly. I also use organic ingredients, including my own homegrown herbs and flowers whenever possible. All products are made in small batches and saught after by my regular customers, my friends and family. I choose not to use synthetic fragrances, colours or preservatives in order to ensure the most natural product possible.