Barrie Candle Company

In 2017, Barrie started experimenting making his own candles in his garage in the UK, constantly perfecting his candles such as working on developing fragrances, choosing the best wicks and glass containers, and perfecting the natural plant wax blend.

2 years later the Barrie Candle Company was launched where he brings his special hand poured candles to market.  

The candles are made in the UK and contain essential oils and high quality perfume oils.  They are eco-friendly, vegan friendly, and additive free.  

Barrie has worked hard to ensure there are no harmful toxins and are made from a natural plant wax, in recycled glass, with cotton wicks.  

They come in 8 amazing fragrances Dark Pomegranate, Fresh Cotton, Green Meadow, Jasmine, Jelly Beans, Summer Lavender, Wild Bluebells, and Woody Cologne.